Thank you for prayerfully considering being part of what God is doing in Uganda.

Macedonian Call is our sending organization. They take care of the administrative side of our finances. They also provide our tax exempt status. All gifts should be made through Macedonian Call.

1. You can give online at

You can give online two ways: with your credit card (which applies a 4% processing free) or directly through your bank account (no fee applied.)

You can give a one time gift or set up monthly recurring gifts.

You can also specify if you would like your gift to go toward our start-up costs, or monthly needs in our general fund.

2. You can mail your gift to Macedonian Call at P.O. Box 573 Dryden, Va 24243

Be sure to put White Family on the memo line and specify Start-up Costs or General Fund.


1. What will my gift be used for?

Great question. While we are still living in the States, we have been living off of our savings. We will begin pulling from the general fund in February to help us make ends meet while we prepare to go. We are working full-time preparing to leave in June. In order to remain flexible in our schedules for connecting with churches and sharing opportunities, we are not seeking other employment at this time.

Once arriving in Uganda, we will be working from a budget based on information gathered from other missionaries and the current East Africa Outreach budget. This budget will most likely be adjusted, but it is an educated guess based on current information.

– Our monthly need is $5,500: Housing and Utilities =$2,000, Transportation =$500, Ministry Expenses =$1,000, Life and Health Insurance =$500, Salary =$1500

– There are also some initial expenses involved in moving to Uganda. The total Start Up need is $50,000. Flights $12,000, Visas $2,000, 6 Months Rent $6,000, Emergency Fund $10,000, Vehicle $10,000 and New Furniture to set up household $10,000.

2. What happens if we don’t make it to Uganda?

This question has come up many times. Of course, we don’t see any reason why this would happen, but these type of life altering events are never expected. If this were the case, all the money raised for our service in East Africa Outreach would remain in East Africa Outreach. The money would simply be transferred to continue with the vision of the ministry originally intended.



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