East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach (EAO) was founded by Terry Nester in 2003.

The ministry has a three fold purpose:


First of all, we evangelize by sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We work alongside existing missions organizations and churches, to help them in evangelism. We help through hut-to-hut visiting, evangelism training, showing The Jesus Film, conducting Bible Clubs/School Assemblies, and anything else that we can use as a means to proclaim the Gospel.  Sometimes we use means of meeting the tangible needs of people (dig a well, provide food, clothing giveaway) in order to have the opportunity to meet their spiritual need.  One such way this has played out is through a child sponsorship program. We have 51 children sponsored through Hannah Moshi Primary School. 


This ministry also exists to encourage the missionary community. We feel the need to come alongside existing missionary organizational leaders and staff, to encourage and support them in their work. Missionaries become discouraged and frustrated as they encounter the many challenges of serving God cross-culturally. In response to this great need, we began a Bible Study in our home, which has now developed into an international church named Acacia Community Church.


IMG_7378The average Ugandan pastor does not own a copy of the Bible and has no theological training. One of EAO’s goals is to radically change this statistic. EAO offers free theological training to pastors and church leadership where they are- in villages. Upon completion of this 9 month program, graduates receive a Bible School Certificate but beyond the certificate the Biblical training they receive is invaluable.

What is Macedonian Call?

Macedonian Call is our sending organization. In the United States this is our board of directors. They take care of our funds and provide overhead accountability. They also provide much needed support and counsel.  When you give to East African Outreach, your money goes through Macedonian Call.

To find out more visit,   www.macedoniancall.com