Housing and Countdown


The view from the new Bible School location in Kiyindi on Lake Victoria! Classes begin April 20th!!

There is so much to share. Things happen so fast that I can’t remember what I have shared. The house was officially on the market for one week. We had three showings and three offers. We were praying God would give us an offer on the house in one week. He gave us 3.  After much prayerful consideration we accepted one of the offers. Praise God! We are so thankful for the Lord’s kindness in providing a buyer in such short time. Now we are in the waiting stage as bank approvals, appraisals and inspections commence. Thank you for your prayers concerning the sell of our house. Our continued prayer is that these things will move quickly without any obstacles that would prolong the closing of the house. Our closing date is just a few weeks before we fly out.

Which by the way, is July 3rd! We have purchased our plane tickets. I looked at the calendar just the other day and we have just under 100 days until we leave. Do you feel the instant pressure that I felt upon that realization? There is so much to left do. We have to sort and sell the rest of our things, pack what’s left, finish the school year and BSF strong, continue to visit churches and individuals to share what God is doing, all while making the most of time with friends and family. Our plates are crazy full, but it has been a great adventure. This whole deputation (preparing to enter the mission field)  process has been full of surprises, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. In the craziness and uncertainty of life during this time, we can see God’s hand preparing us.

People often ask how the fundraising process is going. Just a year ago, Brian said, “I would hate to have to fundraise my own support.” Little did we know, we would soon be in that boat. But now, it is one of the most exciting things in our life. We know that the Lord has been equipping us and calling us to serve with East Africa Outreach in Uganda. We realize that it’s not our job to convince people to join our team. We know God is doing this and He will rise up people to make it happen. Where He calls, He provides. Therefore, we don’t feel the pressure at all to convince people, we just share what God is doing and let God put it on people’s heart to join us or not. Not everyone is going to be led to support ministry in Uganda. And we are completely at peace with that!

We are also incredibly thankful for the ones who have joined us. Just this last week our pastor preached a sermon about being “All In by Fueling the Mission.”  ( You can click the blue link to watch the sermon) The whole sermon, I was rejoicing for those who have been “All In” with us financially, prayerfully and emotionally. We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s provision thus far. We are currently at 61% of our monthly goal. Thank you for being a part of our support team. Every share of a post, prayer, note of encouragement, dollar sacrificed, is a piece of the plan that God has for the advancing of His Kingdom. Thank you!

We met with one couple who asked us for specifics of where dollar amounts go. Every dollar in our budget has a name and they wanted to know what their dollar provided. For instance they wanted to know that by their monthly donation, they could say “I’m providing for your electricity.” I love that line of thought.  In our prayers we are looking to see God provide a specific amount each month for specific things to be covered. I thought I would share some of them with you this month.

  • In March we are praying that we would have the final $800 needed for our Visas. (Start up Needs)
  • We are also praying that our monthly Health/Life Insurance needs would be covered ($500 monthly in General Fund)

Thank you so much for following, praying and giving. Can’t wait for you to come serve alongside us.

If you feel led to help provide for one of these needs you can do so ONLINE HERE. 


Our house is officially on the market!  A dear family came over on Monday to prayer walk around our house and Cady gave them each rocks. The mom, called them her Ebenezers, and encouraged us to remember the things that the Lord has done. I enjoy so much sharing with you these Ebenezers.  Continue reading

Will you help us get to 50% this month?

We are at 45% of our overall financial need!                                                GIVE  HERE

That’s pretty stinking exciting, considering we didn’t even have all of our ducks in a row until the end of October. God has been so good to us. We have seen Him stretch our savings, provide for us and rise up people to walk alongside us in ministry. Just last week, we had the opportunity to share our hearts in the church we grew up in. We received such a warm reception and were so blessed by the way the pastor chose to end the service. He had some people who know us well pray over us. It was such a sweet experience to be at the church where we both started in ministry and look back at all the things the Lord has done to prepare us for this.

We are now entering the second phase of our fundraising.

Part of the second phase is to sell the house. Once we reach 50% of our monthly pledged donations we are putting the house on the market. We have been working hard to sort, sell and store all of our stuff. We sold the bed right out from under the kiddos, and we sold our van just this week. We still have a sweet little pig up for grabs if you know anyone who is interested. The only problem is,  IT’S FEBRUARY ALREADY!!!!!!! We don’t have a lot of time for the house to be on the market. Our hope is to get the house on the market this month.

Will you help us reach the goal of also reaching 50% of our monthly support in February?

That means we need to see another $250 in monthly support. Could you give $10 or $20 monthly to help us bring Biblical training to pastors in Uganda? Don’t think that just because you can’t give hundreds of dollars, doesn’t mean you can’t be a vital part of what God is doing.

We have had many people verbally commit to joining the support team, but we can not count their contributions towards our goal until we know a specific amount. Please consider giving today.  One of the freeing things we have realized is that the work we are doing NOW is the work of a missionary. We are training, meeting with pastors and contacts, counseling, communicating the vision and preparing to go. Without the support we are now receiving we would not be able to do these things. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration.


The best Christmas present a parent can get

As our family studied the  building of the tabernacle the mind blowing reality that God came to live among the people was overwhelming to me. Those complaining, idolatrous, disobedient Israelites got to live with the presence of God. Let’s face it the Israelites get a bad rap, but so would we if all our junk was out there for everybody to read about instead of the pristine picture of our lives that we often paint on facebook. The truth is we are just like the Israelites. We so easily get tangled up in our sin, self and idolatry. “Thousands of years before Jesus, God purposed that there would be a tabernacle in order that there would be One who would fulfill the meaning of that tabernacle, who would be the true Tabernacle for us.” (That you may believe: New Life in the Son. Joseph R. Ryan)

“And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”  John 1:14

The fact that God not only forgives my sin, wipes me clean, but loves me and dwells with me is absolutely incredible. This is the truth that my heart has stored up this Christmas season and I hope it will be an encouragement to you.

This truth has also come to life in our home in another incredible way. Just last week Noah, our 6 year old, accepted Christ! The Lord really began to open Noah’s eyes to what it means to be a disciple of Christ this summer in Uganda. Brian was reading through the book of Job and Noah would often come in and listen. They had so many conversations about what it means to honor God even when things don’t go well. Noah saw many people accept Christ this summer and for the most part sat on the sideline. But during our family debriefing each night we realized that he had been observing so many things. As we sat at Acacia Church each week he would draw during the sermon, but would often comment on the teaching or ask questions. When a baptism was announced, he wanted in! After talking with Brian, we knew he was close but he still was very confused about some things. We explained the purpose of Baptism and told him that he was not quite ready to be baptized. But boy did he want to. IMG_9269

Here in this picture, Pastor Terry is asking if there is anyone else who wanted to be baptized. His sweet little hand is slightly raised, HOPING that Pastor Terry’s eyes will meet his. His heart to obey was so precious! Just the other night as Brian was going over the Christmas story with the kids, the conversation about this baptism came up again.  Brian again explained the gospel and that Baptism does not save you but it is an act of obedience after you are saved. A lightbulb went off. Now it makes sense! Jesus came to dwell with my son this Christmas Season! The best Christmas present a parent could get!

As we look back we can see the presence of God with us each step of the way. We can see His hand guiding us, providing for us and clarifying for us His desires for our family. We are so excited to let people know that we are 25% of the way towards our monthly support goal. Our monthly support is our first priority. Once we have 50% of our monthly support raised we will begin selling our things and hopefully our home. The selling of our “stuff” will help with our start up costs. Our start up costs will be our last push.

I remember talking with other missionaries as they prepared to go and in my head thinking that they didn’t need the support until they were on the field. Boy was I wrong. Brian and I realized that we are missionaries now. That meeting with people, traveling to speak at churches, communication and paperwork is missionary work. That was exciting to us. It’s exciting to us to watch God’s plan unfold and to watch Him build the team. Would you prayerfully consider starting your monthly gift now? We are trusting God to provide 10% more toward our goal by the end of the year. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and may you sense the presence of God this Christmas!

You can give online at http://www.macedoniancall.com/#/give

He is Home to me.

As I, Brian, was preparing to preach at BridgePoint Church this weekend.  I was reflecting over the last 6 adventurous months. I was that my home has little to do with where I sleep and everything to do with being In Christ’s Kingdom!

Here is how I got to this, just in case you were wondering:
We have been all over Uganda and Virginia with multiple stops in Pennsylvania and North Carolina in the past 22 weeks. We have lived out of suitcases in our own house as one trip butts up against the next aand the next! Seriously, we’ve spent less time in the White House than Obama has! And, for the most part, it has been great. However, there have been times when we have struggled with the constant motion. No place feels quite like home since June 3rd or so. This is not bad, just where we are. There’s a restlessness. And, most of the time, there is an underlying excitement and joy about what God is doing with us.
Still, God is choosing to remind me tonight, by bringing multiple thoughts together, that my peace doesn’t come from an earthly house (though I am thankful for it), or my country and culture of origin (though I love the USA and the places God has planted me in her over the years) or even my wonderful family (who point me to Jesus all the time through their love and grace)!
The point is this: HE IS HOME FOR ME!

Wherever He leads I’ll go. I’ll go because He promises over and over that He will never leave me and He has more than proven it during the 30 years since I met Him. Since He is everywhere, there is no place He can take me or I can run where HE ISN’T! This Earth is not my home. Not Virginia. Not Uganda. HE IS!!! I’m just walking through trying to be who He is making me to be, and trying to do what He is calling me to do. Step by awkward, secure, scary, confident step. And when I take my last step on this Earth, because of what Jesus did for me, I WILL STEP CONFIDENTLY INTO ETERNITY WITH HIM! IN HIM!!! That is the true peace that knowing Jesus gives.

And the good news is, my friends and family, there’s plenty more room in Him! So, come on in!! His arms are open wide!! He loves YOU! He made you for HIM!!

Thank you JESUS for making me, finding me and giving me a forever home in YOU!!!! Jesus, You are the dearest place on Earth to me!

Here is the sermon, by the way, if you would like to hear. 

The Ball is Rollin!

We are so excited to see a lot of things falling into place. We are officially under Macedonian Call as our sending organization, on the website and set up online giving! WOOT WOOT! We have created a ministry profile to explain the vision of East Africa Outreach and the financial needs we have to accomplish what the Lord has asked us to do. For a task oriented person like myself, this is music to my ears.

We also wanted to make this information available to you our faithful followers and prayer warriors.

White Family Bio

We(Brian and Jerilyn) have been married for 11 years and have three children; Cadance, Noah and Aletheia.

I(Brian), have a BS in Communications from Liberty University and an MA in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have been in vocational ministry since 2001. Jerilyn has a BA in Biblical Studies from Southeastern College. She has served alongside of me in ministry for our entire relationship. She currently home schools our kids (and tries to keep me straight!)

In 2008, I led my first trip to Uganda to serve with East Africa Outreach. I went on to lead three more trips with Jerilyn by my side. In Summer 2014 our entire family stayed for three months. The Lord used this extended time with our kids and the Nesters to confirm that we were to join East Africa Outreach full-time.

We are currently seeking partners in ministry to help us carry out the Lord’s vision for us in East Africa. Thank you for prayerfully considering joining our team!

About Uganda

• About 36 million people live in Uganda.IMG_8325

• About 50% of the population are children under the age of 18.

• About 75% of the people in Uganda live in rural villages with little access to health care, electricity and basic needs.

• The average Ugandan lives on less than $1.25 a day.

• The country flourished in the 1960’s, but was destroyed in the 70‘s and 80”s by Idi Amin and has made slow progress since the destruction of those days.  HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnurishment and waterborne illnesses also take many lives.

• The average lifespan in Uganda is 53 years.

• 1 out of every 12 people in Uganda are orphans.

• Uganda is one of the most fertile evangelistic fields in the world.

• The average village pastor has the equivalent of a 6th grade education.

• Jinja is the second largest population center in Uganda. Only the capital city of Kampala is larger.

Macedonian Call

Macedonian Call is our sending organization here in the USA. It is a Christian, charitable, 501(c)(3) foundation established to help accomplish the Great Commission. They serve as our board of advisors and provide bookkeeping, communications media, and financial accountability. All financial gifts are processed through Macedonian Call.

Website: www.macedoniancall.com

East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach (EAO) is the ministry organization we will be serving with in Uganda. Terry Nester is the founder and Director of EAO. The organization is 10 years old.

The ministry has a three fold purpose:

Evangelize      IMG_9021

First of all, we evangelize by sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We work alongside existing missions organizations and churches, to help them in evangelism. We help through hut-to-hut visiting, evangelism training, showing The Jesus Film, conducting Bible Clubs/School Assemblies, and anything else that we can use as a means to proclaim the Gospel.


IMG_9229This ministry also exists to encourage the missionary community. We feel the need to come alongside existing missionary organizational leaders and staff, to encourage and support them in their work. Missionaries become discouraged and frustrated as they encounter the many challenges of serving God cross-culturally. In response to this great need, we began a Bible Study in our home, which has now developed into an international church named Acacia Community Church.


The average Ugandan pastor does not own a copy of the Bible and has no theological training. One of EAO’s goals is to radically change this statistic. EAO offers free theological training to pastors and church leadership where they are- in villages. Upon completion of this 9 month program, graduates receive a Bible School Certificate from the Uganda Baptist Seminary. These credits can then be applied to further schooling at the seminary if the graduate pursues further education.

How can I be involved?

We are looking for mission-minded partners to join our support team. You can be a part of this team in several ways.

1. Commit to pray for our family and East Africa Outreach daily.

2. Support us with a one-time gift toward our start up costs of close to 50,000

  • Round Trip Flights (Scheduled for our first furlough)  = $10,000
  • Visas= $2,000
  • Emergency Fund= $10,000
  • 3-6 months rent (to be paid up front)= $6,000
  • Vehicle= $10,000
  • Set up Household (Furniture, Utilities, Applicances, etc)= $10,000

3. Support us with a monthly gift toward our estimated living and ministry expenses of $5,500.

  • Housing and Utilities (Saving for Rent, Electricity, Water, Guard, Internet)  = $2000
  • Salary = $1500
  • Transportation = $500
  • Insurance = $500
  • Ministry Expenses = $1000

4. Invite us to speak with your pastor or church about what the Lord is doing in Uganda.

Brian and I will be traveling to speak for Sunday School Classes, Youth Groups, Men’s Breakfasts and Sunday Services to share of God’s faithfulness and the ministry He has called us to. We would love to come share with your church as well.

5. Consider joining or leading a team to come serve alongside us. 

We would love to help you prepare to bring a team to come over and join in on the ministry.

Thank you again for prayerfully considering joining our support team.

God Encounters

Cadance asked us the other day, “How does God speak? How do we know that we are supposed to go to Uganda?” After trying to explain the ways we see God moving to a very black and white minded 8 year old girl, we reminded her of all of the things God did this summer. We reminded her of they way we prayed as a family many nights, the way we were all in agreement that this is what God had for us next. We recalled all of the ways God spoke to us through His Word, His provision, and the ways He used us.

Although, she remembered all of these things, she wanted to hear God speak for herself. We promised that each time we saw God do something, we would share it with her. We also started praying with and for her that God would speak to her heart and confirm to her as He has been so faithful to do for us.

Well this week she received a sweet gift of a beautiful white gown that could have been worn in a wedding. Sunday morning she wanted to wear it to church. At first I said “NO!” But after a few minutes of watching her twirl and say “But I look like an angel,” I agreed.

After church, we had to run to Walmart for a few minutes. As we were about to leave, Cadance was perusing the candy aisle. A sweet woman came over and spoke to Cady. She talked about how beautiful she looked, she looked just like an angel, how her peace on her face just made her day and she had to come over and speak to us. She said, “This is a little girl who knows her purpose. God has used you in my life today to lift my spirits.” Cadance was speechless.

After talking for a few minutes, I asked Cady if she would like to share with her what God was doing in our life. As Cady told her of our plans to move to Uganda, she jumped with joy and promised to pray for us. She gave Cady a 20 bill and said, “Put this towards your Uganda money.”

When we walked away Cady said, “Mom, can you believe that just happened. God spoke to my heart in a way that I needed to hear!” Thank you Jesus. He cares for each of us and longs to comfort our hearts in such a way that we know He is there. If someone had of told me that I looked like an angel and had a peace about me, I may not have thought much about it. God knew the words my daughter needed to hear.

That ladies nickname was Angel. I believe the Lord really sent us a heavenly messenger today.


We are continuing to meet with people who have partnered with us this summer and lining up churches that will allow us to come share the vision God has given us.

As of next month we will have no source of income other than fundraising money. People who chose to begin partnering with us financially will help us continue to live in the states as we reach our fundraising goals and enable us to continue speaking with churches and meeting with possible parters. Once we meet our fundraising goal, we will begin the process of moving.

If you would like to partner with us financially you can do so through Macedonian Call Inc. at P.O. Box 573 Dryden, Va 24243

*** Please note “White Family” in the memo. *****

Last but not least, we have purchased the domain http://www.whatsupwiththewhites.com. We are no longer at http://www.whatsupwiththewhites.wordpress.com, well because that’s just too long!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

“We saw that coming”

“We saw that coming!” is the typical response we have received as we have slowly been announcing to our family, friends and church that we believe God is leading us to Africa as full time missionaries. That response has been comforting and confirming. It’s nice to know that people around us can see our heart for Uganda and the Lord’s leading in our lives to take this next step of faith.

So… what now? Brian is no longer a part the pastoral staff at BridgePoint Church. We have already begun focusing our time and attention on connecting up with the churches, families and individuals that God has graciously placed in our lives over the years. God is building a team of supporters who will be on mission with us through supporting us as He leads them. We have begun by following up with people who supported our trip this summer. (If we have not contacted you yet about a time to meet up, we will be soon!  If you are interested being part of the team please feel free to contact us whatever way is most convenient for you. Thank you in advance!)  We have already had multiple families commit to monthly support once we get our fundraising system up and running within the next couple weeks.  That is so exciting!

We are also spending a good bit of time getting our house ready to sell.

What will we be doing in Africa? Brian and I will be working with East Africa Outreach, the organization we have partnered with for the last 6 years. Brian will be teaching in the Bible Training Schools for Pastors, working with teams who come in to do various short-term missions, pastoring/counseling as part of the eldership of Acacia Community Church and various other responsibilities that come with being part of a cross-cultural evangelistic ministry. He has a great desire to see the Bible schools expand into other East African countries. I, Jerilyn, will primarily be helping out administratively for the organization. We are excited to come alongside of Terry and Debbie in all of their efforts.

Brain teaching at the Bible Training School Graduation

Brain teaching at the Bible Training School Graduation

When are we going? Our goal is to be in Uganda around June. If all works out before then, we’ll go sooner. We placed our goal in June mainly because it’s a realistic goal that will keep us motivated as well as allow us to finish a school year.

What does this process look like? Well we will have to sell practically everything we own, including our house. We will need to fundraise our monthly living expenses as well as our monthly ministry expenses. We will also need to raise start up costs which include at least 3 months rent, work visas, plane tickets, furniture to start a new household, etc. All of this will take time and the Lord’s leading in people’s heart to join us in this ministry. Looking at our “to do” list has been overwhelming but Brian said to me one day, “You can either be overwhelmed or chose to see this as an adventure. God has asked us to do this, so let’s see what He’s going to do.” So I’m choosing to watch what God’s going to do.

What about the children? We shared some of the children’s experiences in previous posts, but a good summary would be that they thrived there. They are excited about the idea that we will be moving back at some point. We will continue to homeschool there as well.


What about the recent threats in Uganda? That’s a legitimate concern. We don’t take the threats lightly. Nor do we take lightly that we truly believe this is the plan God has for us at this time. We are learning to trust the Lord each step with our path and with our family. The truth is, terrorist threats are no longer abnormal. They are the new norm in the world that we live in. That doesn’t mean we want to go tramping around looking for trouble, nor will we be lingering in high threat areas. If the threats continue to grow during the time we are fundraising, we will have to take that into consideration, but we do not believe that it changes what or where God has clearly called us to at this point.

How can I help? Pray for us. Pray for our family, especially grandparents. Consider joining us. We are looking for monthly partners as well as people who would like to give a one time gift toward our start-up costs. Currently, we are working with Macedonian Call, our stateside non-profit missions organization, to set up a way to begin receiving monthly donations. As soon as this is available we will let you know.

We love you all! Thanks for being a part of this adventure with us! We are currently setting up visits with people who are interested in learning more about what we are doing. If you would like to get together with us to learn more email me at jerilynsemail@yahoo.com.

2 Week Post Trip Update

Well, we have technically been home for two weeks. Although, we have only spent two nights in our own bed. Between visiting grandparents and great-grandparents we haven’t quite settled in yet. Our luggage didn’t make it home with us and we left for Pennsylvania before it arrived at our house.
We spent a week in PA helping cut and stack wood for Brian’s grandparents for the winter and visiting with family. We got home last night.

Soo…. all that to say, I feel like we are just getting home all over again. I have some of our bags unpacked but that’s about all we have accomplished so far. Brian threw his back out while we were in PA but he is recovering slowly.

I am happy to report that all of my gifts for family and friends survived the trip except one. We look forward to visiting with all of you and sharing stories of the ways we have seen the Lord over this summer. We do have plans to contact each of our partners in ministry, so be looking for our phone call or visit.

Our team from BridgePoint Church will be sharing this Sunday about the trip during our service at 11:00 am. If you are in the Hampton Roads area, we invite you to join us.

We will also be sharing some pretty exciting news about our future as well.

Salvation has come to your house today.

The last two weeks have been incredible. The team from BridgePoint has been here with us. It has been wonderful to have some friends from home to share our experiences with. 

We spent our first two days in Busagazi, a fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria. We sent another team there earlier this summer and were met with open arms. Many were saved in July as a result of that team. In fact, the pastor told us that his services jumped from 25 to 75 consistently since July. A man donated a plot of land for them to build a permanent structure for this church to continue meeting. During our visit with the BridgePoint team, we had the pleasure to encourage some of those new believers as well as share with many more. It’s almost hard to describe to you the response to the gospel, but in every house either someone was recently saved or someone accepted Christ on our visit. It’s incredible. Their is a great need for another church in the community on the other side of a mountain. 

Often when we are out sharing during the day, we meet the women of the homes. They accept Christ, but the husbands are out at work. As our team split in Busagazi, I encountered many women who were recently saved who desired for their husbands to be saved. I spent time encouraging them and praying with them only to find out that Russell and Rita West were sharing with many of those husbands on the other side of the village at that very time. Isn’t God good! Many of these man also got saved. 

We spent a few days this trip in Ngizu with Omega Baptist Church, encouraging them and sharing testimonies with each other. This was a truly encouraging trip as we recalled the faithfulness of God in our lives.

We spend one day loving on some children at an HIV/Aids oprhanage. This was a special ministry, they strive to make it a home for each child, not an institution. They care for 61 children and they are all doing very well health wise, spiritually and educationally. 

The next week we spent three days training teenagers in Evangelism in Bukanga. We had close to 100 students with us. The second day they learned how to share their testimony and practiced sharing with each other. As they broke up into groups to share their testimony, two people attending the conference got saved as a result of hearing the testimonies. One of those was in my group. A man named Moses said, ” I know the gospel, but I used to have negative feelings about “born agains. After hearing all the testimonies, I don’t know why I had those feelings. There is nothing keeping me from accepting the gospel now.”

We also taught the youth how to share the gospel, gave them Scripture to memorize and then on Wednesday sent them out to do evangelism.  There were close to 50 decisions that were reported that day. Students were excited and confident in sharing what the Lord has done in their life. 

The stories of God’s conviction and work in these lives is incredible. Brian went out with one group and as they approached the boda (motorcycle taxi) station, he took the lead in the conversation with these guys, as often they can be kind of gruff. After joking with them for a few minutes about who is the best driver, he shared the gospel. Two of the drivers were already believers, but the rest of the men all accepted Christ. 

Today and tomorrow we are in Makukuba. Today we visited the homes of the students in the primary school of Makukuba. We encouraged them in their studies as well as gave gospel presentations. Tomorrow we will be sharing with people who have dropped out of school. Many of the girls who drop out of school either end up in prostitution or having children at very young ages. 

After our day of ministry we will head to the airport for our long trip back. Please pray for us as we return home after three months of a different culture, different living situation and all of the different things we have experienced. Our flight leaves at 1:10 am, which should be really fun with three small children, so I ask for your prayers for that as well.

We can’t wait to visit with all of you and tell you many more stories about the ways we have seen God work this trip. Thank you for your support!