Teams and Newsletter

I constantly find it difficult to communicate to all the various channels. We have some people who follow the blog, some who follow facebook, some who get our Constant Contact Newsletter, and some who still prefer paper copy newsletter. In an attempt to streamline a bit. I am going to try to add a copy of our constant contact email newsletter here in the blog. There are so many exciting things happening, I would hate for you to miss it.

Latest Email Newsletter

Right now Brian is in Entebbee picking up a team. We are excited about the many ministry opportunities this team is bringing. Two of the team members will be teaching Doctrine conferences on the Holy Spirit. We are expecting over 150 in attendance. Some of the questions the pastors asked were: ” When do I receive the Holy Spirit? How many times do I receive the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to be Spirit filled? What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? ”  It is really going to be so good!

The organizers pray for an open and teachable spirit for all those in attendance. They ask us to pray that the students will respond in faith. Pray also for these teachers, that they would speak the truth in love, power and clarity.

We hope that these conferences will open doors for us to bring further training into these areas of Buikwe district with our Bible Training Centers.

They will also be hosting a Missionary Marriage retreat at Kingfisher Resort. Marriage is hard, but serving overseas adds it’s own challenges. We are excited to see what God is going to do  in these 13 couples in attendance.

During the marriage retreat, another team member will partner with another team to host a children’s camp for some of these missionary children.

We will also be doing some home visits for the sponsorship program of Hannah Moshi. We are scheduled to distribute trees in just a few weeks as the rainy season arrives. Each  family must be checked off that their holes are dug properly and they are ready to plant prior to the distribution.

Thank you for praying for us and for joining us in ministry here in East Africa.