My Momma Mae

One of the hard things about being on the field is not experiencing life with your family at home. Yesterday as we watched through Facebook everyone’s Mothers’s Day celebration, we received news of my grandmother’s passing.

She was 97 years old! She lived a full, strong, faithful life. My mother has been their to care for her and was with her at the end. She said it was a sweet time at the end. She sang to her, read Scripture and prayed with her until her final breath. We rejoice that her life here in earth ended well.

Are we going home? I don’t know. Since we just returned, not all of us would be able to return. Possibly one or two of us could come home for a short time. Please pray for wisdom for us as we make that decision.

I ask for your prayers as the final things are taken care of as well as for comfort and peace for our extended family.