Today we met with one of our Bible School teachers. He told us of an incredible testimony that I had to share with you! 

One of the students finishing up at Kitgum is blind. He lost his sight in high school. He walks every day to class 6 miles. That’s 60 miles a week! He even arrives first for class! 

He works hard to come and study God’s Word. How often do I complain that I am too tired, too busy or it’s too hard to study God’s Word?

I asked how does he read the Bible? How does he prepare to preach? The teachers only response was that he has God’s Word memorized! Oh, that I would do the same! 

This blind man is one of the best students in this class. What a picture of determination to study, know and apply God’s Word despite obstacles. We too often spend our time seeking lesser things. He was a great inspiration to me today. I pray he will be a great inspiration to you as well.


When we first started this blog, we were here in Uganda for three months. It was a time of exploration. We had been coming to Uganda for a few years bringing teams. We used those months to seek the Lord and He used that time to solidify His call for us to be here in Uganda.

Blogging became a way to communicate to you, our ministry partners in America. It was a way for me to process the events that were happening. It was an avenue for our family to give testimony to what the Lord has been doing as well as to share our hearts.

It has been a long time since I have written in this blog. As I sit here I am enjoying writing even this small letter. It’s like I am sitting down to coffee with you my friend. It really does help me to be still and think things through.

As we approach two years into our time here, I have realized that there just hasn’t been a whole lot of time to still myself enough to write. There is constantly a note in my to do list that says …. BLOG. To be honest I have about 7 that have been started, but I never seem to finish them. Please forgive me. Facebook has been a quick way for us to give you a glimpse into our lives.

There is another very important reason I have not been writing, something that paralyzed my writing. In the time that we have been here, we have learned a few things about our Ugandan friends.  Information is very important. They are very free to give generously of their things, but information about them and their life is very sacred.  We have heard stories about missionaries who share testimonies without permission and leave the person feeling very exposed. Instead of rejoicing together at what the Lord has done, it broke trust between them. Never do I want to share at testimony that causes pain or hurt to one of our Ugandan friends.

Another thing that I have learned is that sometimes as a Westerner, we like to discuss things that are different about the culture here. We laugh sometimes at things we see, or get frustrated about things that are different than our home culture. Sometimes through these “culture shock” experiences the Lord teaches us great things. However, sometimes as we share these things, our Ugandan friends read/hear them in a different light than we are meaning to share them. They can feel as if we are talking negatively about their people and home.

We are guests here. We love Uganda. The Lord has us here for a season and a purpose. As our supporters/followers expands, we now have many Ugandan friends who read what we are writing.  I never want my words to hinder any of the relationships that the Lord has so richly blessed us with.

Finally, that doesn’t mean that the blog is finished. I almost feel revived, just sharing this with you friends. I will do my best to ask permission before sharing testimonies and pictures. I will seek perspective before commenting on cultural differences. But know, there are so many incredible things that won’t get shared.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.IMG_8533