Never doubt the power of prayer.

I feel like the last few weeks, we have been moving a mile a minute and there are so many things to update you on. The last thing I wrote to you about was my “lack of visa” problem. Well… if you follow me on Facebook, you know that we did in fact get the visa and made the trip to Kenya. The trip was amazing by the way, but the way the Lord worked it out for me to get the Visa was an absolute miracle.


We were scheduled to leave on Sunday and this was the Friday before. I sat outside to have a quiet time and basically I told God that we needed to hash out this whole Visa thing. I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to go. I told Him that in my mind, none of these things were incredibly selfish, and that His Word says that I don’t have because I don’t ask. So I started another list of the specific things I was asking for. One being that we would get the visa by Monday, so that we could actually make the trip, just shorten it. Finally, I again surrendered to God’s plan, even if that meant we didn’t get to go. As I was finishing my list, the Lord brought to mind a man named Isaac that works in Immigration here in town. It was as if He was saying…. “Go see Isaac.”

So asked Brian to go by there and see him. A few hours laster, Brian called and asked if I could be ready to go to Kampala in 15 minutes.  Much later, all of our day’s assignments were delegated, we had a driver and we were on our way.

We arrived at the Immigration office and there was NO ONE IN LINE. I mean there were like two people in the security line. Last time, there were hundreds. We walked right in. A man directed us to the right building. We walked right up to the man we were looking for and told him our situation. YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS…. He said, “Your passport is right here.” We walked in and out of immigration in 5 minutes. We called the driver to come get us and he hadn’t even found a parking place yet. Other missionaries we have talked to said that I am probably the only one in Uganda who has ever gotten what they needed from Immigration like that. It was unbelievable! Thank you for praying!

I also want to update you on a few other things we have asked prayer for:


  1. 3 Stones Ministry.  We just finished module three about Biblical roles in the family and children’s rights. With women and children often being dispensable in this culture, this was a controversial module. The last few sessions the women at one of the classes have not been attending. They have been cooking the lunches and then after the meal, returning to the garden. So, this time we hired a cook to help them and encouraged the teachers to focus less on writing. None of these ladies have any education and the thought of taking notes has to be overwhelming. We also had our trainer spend some extra time during their home visits to encourage them. He was actually very surprised to find that many of these ladies were taking very seriously the sanitation teaching that they were learning. Our next module in March will be about prenatal care and early childcare. This is another module that has the potential to make real life change.  The two villages where we are doing the training have really been very receptive. We have even scheduled another training to work with the parents of a Compassion International Site to teach them how to make tippy taps and fly traps.IMG_5276
  2. Hannah Moshi Child Sponsorship Program. On February 27th we have our first meeting with the sponsored children! We still have just a handful of children who need sponsors. I have faith that they will be sponsored as well. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these last few ones, please SIGN UP HERE. This month we are working on getting all of these guys new uniforms, school supplies and personal letters from each of their sponsors. Can’t wait to tell you how things go. God has absolutely paved the way for this program to get started. In 50 days, these 50 children’s lives have been changed. Thank you for being a part.
  3. Terry and Debbie fly back this weekend. For some reason they trusted us enough to leave us in charge after just 3 1/2 months of being here in Uganda. Well, I am happy to say that we didn’t burn down the church and with the Lord’s help, I think we kept everything floating. Please pray for them this week as they say their goodbyes. It’s such a difficult thing to say goodbye.

Thank you again for your prayers. We know that we can do NOTHING without HIM.

Now we have a new prayer request. In just 16 days, we face our first Election here. It could pass smoothly, or it could be a complete upheaval. You just never know. We are stocking up in case we get stuck and fueling up and gathering our bags if we need to get out quickly. Thankfully we have my passport and could leave if needed.  Our prayer is this, please pray for a peaceful election and wisdom for the Western population as we go about our daily duties during this time.

Love you all! Thank you again.