A Prayer for our Biggest Supporters

We are beyond thankful for the support team that the Lord has built up around us. It has been incredible to watch it all unfold, but today I want to give a “shout out” of sorts to our very biggest supporters…. our MOMS!

IMG_0287                                                  IMG_9931

They have had such a massive influence on who we are, how we operate, how we love and the paths we have taken. Even though at times, they don’t like this path, they are striving to trust the Lord with us and their grandchildren.

We have had many conversations with people about what the transition looks like for us.  We have had to process through the difficulties, the excitement, the benchmarks and the joys.  One of the factors, that isn’t often considered is how our parents are processing through this. As they have watched us hit each of these difficulties, excitements, benchmarks and joys, they also have had to process it from a different perspective.

As we walk through this Mother’s Day, I realize that the best gift I can give to our mothers’ is the gift of prayer. I ask you to pray with us for our parents.

– Pray that they will experience the Lord’s comfort and peace that passes understanding as we prepare to leave and depart.

– Pray that we all will process our feelings and grief over the distance that will be between us, together and with a God honoring perspective.

– Pray that the Lord would draw them close to Himself and that He would make His presence known to them.

– Pray for their marriages to be strong and that they would support each other with kindness and grace.

– Pray for our Skype dates, that the children would quickly adjust to talking on the computer, so that our electronic dates can be meaningful.

– Pray for the Lord to guard their hearts and for wisdom in response to negative opinions about our move to Uganda.

– Pray that our relationships can continue to despite the distance.

– Pray for creative ideas of how we can still be involved in holidays and birthdays from a far.

Thank you so much for praying! Continue to pray for them as you pray for us. We know that “apart from God we can do nothing.” But if we abide with Christ, we will bear much fruit. I am choosing to believe with eager expectation that God is going to do exceedingly abundantly more in our parents than we could ever think or ask. My hope is set on our Solid Rock who loves to give good and perfect gifts to His children if we will just ask. And I am asking with faith these blessings over our parents. Thank you again for going to the throne for them with us!